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Let's See 8 Epic Punchlines Vector Used In Finishing M.I Abaga In “Judas The Rat”

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Let's  See 8 Epic Punchlines Vector Used In Finishing M.I Abaga In “Judas The Rat” 

Let's  See 8 Epic Punchlines Vector Used In Finishing M.I Abaga, Judas The Rat, Vector, M I vs Vector
Vector vs M.I Abaga

Vector recently dropped a diss "Judas The Rat" to diss M.I Abaga and since the dropping of that track till now, it has been causing commotion in the internet which resulted to them on a rap battle on live stage, but we still waiting for M.I Abaga to accept the challenge as Vector already did.

The diss track is filled with a lot of ambiguity and complex lyrics that might ordinarily not make a meaning to you after the first listening or second listening until you pay critical attention to it or even make consultations. A lot of music followers till today are still lost on some of the things said by Vector in “Judas The Rat” which handicaps them from making a meaning of the diss track.

Vector is popularly known to be a skilled and extra-creative rapper, a rapper who philosophizes with his records and leave you to dig deepest to associate with him them. He proved that yet again on “Judas The Rat” and some intellects who are core Hip-Hop fans have been wowed after listening to the record. However, in a move to help some of those who are having issues decoding some of Vector’s lyrics on the record, we have compiled 10 of the punchlines and broken them down below to get you on finally.

1. “Everybody Knows My Father Is Dead” In the diss track, “The Viper” MI made for Vector; he claimed to be Vector’s father. This then made Vector respond in “Judas The Rap” saying, “Everybody knows my father is dead” – In reality, Vector’s father is truly dead. He lost his father in 2017 and relating it to MI, he says he is ‘dead.’ ‘Dead’ is a slang used on the street to represent someone who is past his glory days, someone who is struggling to get the best out of life, someone who is an object of pity and many more. That’s what he says MI is.

2. “You advertised your ass a lot, went to Abuja a lot and came back with more money, let the story be that” Vector in this record is alleging that MI is gay. He says metaphorically that MI once went to Abuja to get laid and returned back to Lagos with some cool cash as a result.

3. “I think a successful man is one who knows himself, I think that thinking is far from you cos it’s of the top of the shelf” – What Vector meant with this line is dual. He is saying MI is short and cannot be able to get access to whatever will do him a lot of benefit. The other meaning is; “Top of the shelf” in the dictionary is defined as quality or excellence. What Vector is saying with this line is that MI lacks quality thinking.

4. “The only light in the story is Blaq” What Vector means with this line is the story that, of all the artistes that did the Martell Cypher which includes MI, Loose Kanyon, AQ & Blaqbonez, the only person actually having a successful career right now is Blaqbonez.

5. “How much did you say again? 20 milli? We all saw how you wasted 1 milli”  MI in “The Viper” said he was willing to give Vector 20 million naira to re-launch his career if he is willing. Then Vector laughed that off in his response track by letting him know he already wasted 1 milli (Milli is an act formerly signed under Chocolate City but left because he couldn’t blosom).

6.“I’m the only number one from the 2,3,4” This simply means Vector is the number one rapper in Nigeria. You all know Nigeria’s country code is +234, so Vector is saying he is the number one from the 2,3,4 (Nigeria).

7. “The last I checked, Jesse was in a Choc Boy mansion, But since your Big Brother evicting him is part of the game”  You all know MI also claimed to be Vector’s big brother in “The Viper,” Vector is now saying it is because he is big brother that was why he threw Jesse Jagz his brother out of the Chocolate City mansion – just like the Big Brother Naija reality show.

8. “Your brother was such a gift you wrapped away from the light” – Jesse Jagz is MI’s brother and he is a rapper with great gift. Vector is alleging that MI intentionally frustrated his career so he wouldn’t blosom.

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