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Download New Album : Kirk Franklin – Long Live Love

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Download New Album : Kirk Franklin – Long Live Love

Whether you discovered Kirk Franklin through his breakthrough “Stomp” in 1997 or Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” in 2016, the gospel artist’s message of the Lord’s good word remains timeless. Long Live Love reminds listeners that love is everywhere. “We can’t have a conversation about God without the foundational truth: He loved you before you knew about Him,” Franklin told Apple Music’s, Ebro Darden.
Franklin continues to push gospel into interesting musical spaces. “Just for Me” has enticing rimshots and sped-up vocals, perhaps a homage to his pal Ye. “Spiritual” adds a New Orleans second line, boosting the fun value. R&B rules the day on “Love Theory,” with its hearty chorus and Franklin’s testifying. His stirring messages of overcoming hardship ring especially true in 2019, addressing economic woes and gun violence on “OK.”
In reference to the album’s title and message, Franklin explained to Ebro that there’s no expiration date on God’s love. “I’m just trying to humbly, lovingly communicate, at our best, we’re still not our best,” he said. “There is a saviour that will love us on our journey that is not wearing a watch, that is not waiting for us to get right quick. He’s part of the journey. God wants us to win.”

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