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[Mp3] : Lil Pump – Drug Addicts

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Lil Pump finally drop awaited new single Tittle “Drug Addicts” and also professed his sobriety in Ferbuary he continues to use Drugs as a selling point in his music. His newfound sobriety came at a time when things were seemingly picking up for the young rapper, a windfall if you will. He had signed a lucrative deal and interest in his music was at an all-time high.

All signs point to Lil Pump dropping a song titled “Drug Addict” any minute minute now. The Florida rapper posted a video on Twitter of him vibing to the unreleased record. In the post, he suggests his willingness to drop the single if he garners enough support (retweets). It’s crazy that most of his consumption of Benzos and Opiates occurred before the age of 18. I can honestly say, I’m glad to hear he’s found a channel for better living.

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