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The rumor of Kanye West sharing the booth with the Migos faithful has been in our minds since last July, when they were spotted walking out of a studio. Since all permutations of the mind have been explored single file, with respect to how it should sound. The result isn’t exactly the posse cut we had in mind, and you wouldn’t be wrong to call this one a more solemn record.

Kanye West’s “Face Down” featuring Quavo and Lil Yachty, explores our depersonalized worlds, like many of Kanye’s records have of late. The effects of reality have been placed “Face Down” to reflect a growing similitude between affected reality and the real. Kanye only reveals himself at the very beginning of the record to single out women who “keep their phone face down” when it’s high time to connect.

Yeezy’s production outlines the general feel of the song, allowing both Quavo and Lil Yachty to get caught up in web of playful wordplay without losing significant ground. Yatchy even cross-references Kanye’s adopted family when he makes all kinds of allusions to ballers playing the field, with one exception: his own gamesmanship.


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