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VIDEO: Demi Lovato And DJ Khaled in New Video ‘I Believe’

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I believe in me! That’s the belief from which you must start your day. Demi Lovato has been featured in DJ Khaled’s new song and she has sung a great solo with some nice motivational lines. Lyrics were full of motivation. If you’re depressed, then this is a musical therapy for you! Demi Lovato being a great singer is known commonly for her great vocals that can hit every note perfectly. Demi recently made this song for music lovers to get motivated and this song also gives you a hope to live. Moreover, this song is also filled with flowing music rhythm. DJ Khaled’s song is incomplete with his rapping. So, here it is! DJ Khaled makes an entry in the middle of the song with even more valuable lyrics of rapping. The theme of the video has been taken from the Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME. Moreover, this song has also been taken from the same movie of Disney. The video itself is a sense of satisfaction. “ I Believe” Video has recently got published on DJ Khaled’s official YouTube channel and the public response is epic! Such satisfaction from both the artists; Demi and DJ Khaled, is something that can break records on the internet! Watch the Video below

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