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Sketch Review: Justin Timberlake “Man of the Woods”

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Man of the woods is Justin Timberlake fifth album release which show high dedication to Timberland (Neptune) beats with his familiar lovesound making him the biggest male pop star of his generation.

Mam of the woods rings echo with familiar contentment as Timberlake’s wife, the actress sings on various tracks and the “Yong man” comes into completion with a feature from Timberlake’s toddler. With the Neptunes, Timberland and Danja the architects of Timberlake’s sound surge forward with a new vision for pop music, leaning to the type of American music comforts.

Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Danja are the great minds behind the record as they have undeniably produced as super slick sounding record that is impeccable. Their collaboration with Justin have invested in iconic pop moments.

With his fifth album Justin isn’t re-installing the wheel but solidifying the experiment with funk, R &B, pop, soul and Americana creating an interesting layer.

It’s confusing to call opening track “Filthy” “pop” since the production is so avant-garde, because of its testosterone electric grid matching with Larry Graham slap-style bass creating a beautiful and confusing tension.

Critics appreciated the semi-country, semi-pop album, while others thought it was a bit incoherent. Some seem to agree that while there are bad parts, the good parts shine — it’s just up to the fans to decide which songs are which.

With Justin’s voice pushed a little to the background in the track ”Act like the sound ain’t the shit!” some would say this was is a wastage of one’s pop great showmen.

Timberlake sings “It’s been with me many winters, it will keep you warm” on a song that sounds like Fleet Foxes’ indie-folk swoon “White Winter Hymnal” with a drum machine. Shortly after Timberlake began dating actress Biel in 2007.Expressing his love for her.

“Filthy” closes with a soliloquy asking us to “Look closer, through the trees only to find nothing just smoke and no mirrors.

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