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Ice Cube Motivational Quotes

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Ice Cube is one of the top ‘A-list’ hip-hop entertainers in the music production. A hot but flexible and attractive character in the world of hip-hop music, Cube has formed a social sensation. He is one of the notable stars of 21st-century hip-hop music. He discussed the society and thinking of people and always motivate them with their life experience.

1. Always Work Hard Always learn to work hard and honest labour develops dignity and self-respect. Without hard work and discipline, it is hart to be shine as a star. Making money is a form of art and working is art and good business that is perfect art. He motivates people and encourages all to do work hard even if they achieved their goal. A goal or dream does not become true through magic it takes sweat, determination and hard work. “Do not worry about being a star, just worry about doing best work”

1. Real Personality Leads towards Success Ice Cube shares his beautiful aspect of life in their quote, he prefers the true personality than a fake person. Fake relationship and fake people coming up to your life and all of sudden wanting to be your friend. He thinks that fake friends are like shadow they follow you in the sun but leave you in the darkness. “I think, to me, the reality is better than being fake.”

1. Being Soft & Kind Cube motivate those people who distribute love and hate in others, someone. When you hurt people they were to love you less or not. Love is like an ice cube if you hold it with hardly then you it will disappear in your hand and you lost it. “Love is like an ice cube, the harder you hold you hold on to it, the faster it will disappear all”.

1. Truth Has Power & Beauty Ice cube believes the power of truth and reality so he wants to motivate people that try to remain truthful always. The power of truth is never rejected. Force, lie and violence may rule in short term but in the long run, its truth that overcomes. “Truth is the eventual power. When the truth comes everywhere all the lies have to out and hide.”

1. Think Positive In this beautiful quote, Cube wants to motivate guys toward the positive thinking and courage. In some cases when you are in dim condition or place you think you have been covered of lost everything except for you have really been planted. So think positive and lead everybody since progress with positive considerations is called an accomplishment. “The brain resembles an umbrella it works best when open.”

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