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K-Solo - Don Jazzy’s career is dead too if you say mine is dead

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Music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, aka K-Solo, who has been off the radar for sometime now had an altercation with a fan just last week after K-solo criticised Khloe for being evicted from the ongoing Big Brother Naija competition without achieving anything. 
K-Solo was asked to resuscitate his dead career instead of criticizing a more popular personality. 
But in his reaction to that he mentioned that if Don Jazzy’s last hit was in years back, then his career could be considered dead too. Speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said he could not ignore the attack on him because he was human too. “I usually ignore them but at times, I feel the need to reply some people. Even as a celebrity, I should have my own opinion on things. 
I am human and the person I talked about is someone I know very well. I feel bad that she was evicted and I came to Twitter to speak my mind. I was upset that someone attacked me for it,” he said. The music producer however mentioned that he is still fairing well in his chosen field: I released a video in November last year, Wish Me Well. I don’t know what people mean by a dead career in Nigeria. I still help the new ones regularly.You cannot say Bola Tinubu has no political career again unless you are dumb. The only difference between Tinubu and Governor Ambode now is that one is a former governor while the other is current and active. But that doesn’t make Tinubu irrelevant. “Do you call Don Jazzy’s career dead too because the last time he produced a hit song, Godwin, was years ago. If something fresh comes up and people embrace it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t exist any longer. Cobhams Asuquo last had a major hit song seven years ago when he produced Asa’s album. But he did the GT Bank advert we all listen to and many people don’t know this. “I have been working; I do lots of adverts. When I was very popular, I didn’t have the money I’m making now. I laugh when people say rubbish about me because they don’t know my worth. The good thing is that I used my time well and things I did are still there for all to see.” K-solo also said there was nothing to miss about his days in the limelight. “As a matter of fact, I don’t want those days to come back again. I lost friends, family members and loved ones. People became my enemies because I didn’t have their time. I didn’t do that deliberately; I was just too busy because I had many artistes I was working with. But I am friends with many people now and I can have long discussions with people too,” he said.

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